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The Wellness Blueprint

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Healthy Jambalaya


This healthy jambalaya with shredded chicken is gluten-free and high in protein and fiber. It's the perfect balanced meal with slow carbs, protein, plenty of vegetables and healthy fat from avocado oil. The perfect one pot meal! Enjoy!!

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Making a Banana Batido


Today, we are going to make a banana batido. The origin of the batido is Cuban. It's a Cuban smoothie, or milkshake, but it's usually made a huge amount of cream and whole milk, and really fattening. But if you love bananas and love Cuban food like I do, you've got to make it healthy. I'm so into turning not-so-healthy recipes into healthy recipes, so let's get started.

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5 Steps to Emotional Awareness


Feelings and emotions shift and change in a matter of minutes to hours, and if we allow our feelings to govern our decisions, we will always be cleaning up behind ourselves. Living without emotional awareness, and effective communication of our emotions can be the source of unnecessary stress, and it can also be avoided. Emotional awareness is the first step in raising our level of emotional intelligence. Below are some basic steps to raising your emotional awareness.

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Skinny Zoodle Alfredo



This Skinny Zoodle Alfredo, made without butter or cream or even flour, can be made in approximately 10 minutes, which makes it an ideal food on the go – quick, healthy and delicious!  January is a good month for cutting back on calories and eating more of what’s good for us, such as vegetables, so the spiralizer had to come out of the cupboard! Enjoy!!

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What's the Best Way to Reduce Sugar in my Diet?


Join the crowd, we all have a sweet tooth :) How can we begin to eliminate sugar from our diet?

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