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How Do You Know When Menopause is Here and Natural Remedies?

How Do You Know When Menopause is Here and Natural Remedies?

The first sign is that you have abnormal menstrual cycles; and the most obvious sign is when you don't have your menstrual cycle at all.

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Creating Flow Experiences in Your Life


Have you experienced the “coincidence” of thinking of someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time followed by the phone ringing and them being on the other end when you answer? Furthermore, they say something that you really needed to hear in the moment.

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Spiralized Vegetable Soup


When it comes to spiralizing vegetables zucchini are a great choice – they make a tasty and pretty alternative to ordinary pasta. In this recipe I decided to spiralize a few other vegetables for extra flavor, color and texture – carrot, potato and celery root. This soup is different from other soup recipes not only because it is made almost exclusively with spiralized vegetables (with the exception of the onion) but also because it cooks in only about 10 minutes. Spiralized vegetables cook very quickly so all you need to do is briefly fry them with the oil and the spices and once the hot water is added bring the soup to a boil and then simmer for only a few minutes. This is sufficient time for all the flavors to come together in a delicious broth while the vegetables remain firm (but aren’t raw). This veggie noodle soup is almost as convenient as instant noodles, but so much healthier and tastier! Enjoy!!

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Start with Veggies!


We are focusing on mindful nutrition and this week, we're starting with veggies!

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Help for the Holidays: Making Family Gatherings Manageable


Christmas is the time for family and fun, however it can also be a time of overwhelm and stress, especially if you are hosting a big family Christmas complete with dinner, dessert, and caroling. However, if you ARE hosting, there are ways to have your work in the kitchen be manageable and even fun. When you include your spouse and family in the planning and preparation (especially in the kitchen), you will find that not only will it give you an opportunity to bond, but it will also spark some creativity in the kitchen. Here are 5 ways for you to include your spouse in the cooking and preparation process.

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