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 "Empowering You To Discover Your Wellness Blueprint"

The Wellness Blueprint

Interrupt stress and reload piece of mind

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is a holistic family physician, medical acupuncturist, life balance coach, and certified NLP/Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

The founder of Mind Body Spirit Wellness Inc, The Wellness Blueprint, and DocSupport MD, Dr. Clairborne focuses helping her clients achieve and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through her various wellness and coaching programs.

Mind Body Spirit Wellness clinic was voted the best of Atlanta Wellness Clinic 2011 and Acupuncture Clinic 2012, and Dr. Clairborne has been featured as a wellness expert on several radio programs and television programs throughout the country including NBC40 Health Update, CW’s Focus Atlanta, Fox Health Segment in Macon GA, and Fox 45 Baltimore’s Health Update.  She has also appeared on nationally syndicated morning talk show Daytime TV, and local morning show Sacramento & Company.

Dr. Clairborne is the author of Eat Your Disease Away & the soon to be released "The Wellness Blueprint," and her expert articles have appeared in the DermaScope Magazine, Disney Family Online, AOL Black Voices, and the Atlanta Tribune.

The medical director of four wellness centers in both Georgia and Florida, Dr. Clairborne is committed to the empowerment of physicians in the areas of well-being, work-life balance, and career satisfaction.

In addition to her ongoing preceptorship of numerous resident physicians from programs around the country, Dr. Clairborne serves as adjunct clinical faculty for Morehouse School of Medicine and is the primary learning center for integrative medicine for the family residency program. Her commitment to community is demonstrated through her ongoing community service, as she has served on the board of directors for the Georgia Coalition for Domestic Violence, and is the current host of the online radio show, The Wellness Blueprint.

Dr. Maiysha is available for the following:

Speaking Engagements. Workshops, Conferences, Retreats, Radio, Television, & Print Interviews

To book Dr. Clairborne, please contact her directly at or call 678-343-3139.

Give an Unbiased View of the Pro's and Con's of Getting a Flu Shot

Give an Unbiased View of the Pro's and Con's of Getting a Flu Shot

I cannot provide an unbiased view, however, I will provide a couple of pro's and con's for getting a flu shot.

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5 Fun Ways to Romance Your Partner

5 Fun Ways to Romance Your Partner

One of the best ways to ignite or reignite relationship is to invite fun and play into your relationship on a daily basis. Sometimes when we get weighed down with the responsibility and ‘busy-ness’ of life, children, work, that we forget to put fun into our lives. Fun, uniqueness, and romance can be simple to add into the daily routine with conscious thought. Here are 5 fun ways to romance your partner whether you are a man or woman doing the romancing.

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Curried Spinach Soup with Cashew Tempeh



Thick and comforting curried spinach soup that’s loaded with Thai flavors! Coconut milk makes this soup insanely rich and creamy! Enjoy!!

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Love Through Acknowledgement



Have you ever received a compliment from someone you didn’t know? Have you ever given a compliment unexpected and noticed the joy that spread across the person’s face? Often, we get into our own little world and we forget the impact that just one "thank you" or acknowledgement or compliment can mean to someone else. We never know how someone’s day is going.

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Are you Letting Life Get in the Way of Love In Your Life?


How many times have you said to yourself or someone else "I know I was supposed to do so and so, but life got in the way." I hear it all to often. In fact, I say it all to often.

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